What sets BMOW apart from other reseller programs (Review 2024)

BMOW stands out from other reseller programs for several reasons. The first thing that sets BMOW apart is the personalized service it offers. I am dedicated to understanding the unique needs and goals of each reseller, offering tailored solutions and support.

Now, let’s take a quick look at what an affiliate marketing program is and how it differs from a reseller program.

Affiliate Marketing Programs

are usually free to sign up for and are highly controlled or regulated. Thousands of companies and products are available for almost everything imaginable. However, almost everyone pays a one-time commission when someone buys a product from your website, blog, or social network. (Read more here.)

Reseller Programs

usually have an annual subscription price or fee, allowing you to place your branding on the suppliers’ products – white labeled – to make them appear “your own.” Few reseller programs are available on the market; however, many have recurring commissions, meaning you can earn more money through repeat sales or annual renewals.

Unlike affiliate marketing, where you receive a commission for promoting a company’s products, a reseller program lets you set the pricing. So instead of the usual five to twenty percent you receive from a product you have promoted through affiliate marketing, you can select your price and increase your earnings margin when you are part of a reseller program.

What sets Be My Own Webmaster apart are what the BMOW Resellers Plans Include

  • One hour of personalized White Label or Private Label set up.
  • Advanced SEO to uncover niche marketing.
  • Implementation and adoption of new technologies.
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