Let’s set up your very own Reseller Storefront!

As a Be My Own Webmaster (BMOW) client, you are entitled to one hour of live help to set up the get things going.

It would be good to have the following for optimal results.

  • Logo (desktop): 3:1 aspect ratio and smaller than 500 KB.
  • Logo (mobile): 1:1 aspect ratio and smaller than 250 KB.
  • Hero Image: 3:1 aspect ratio and smaller than 2 MB.

All logos must be an SVG, PNG, JPEG, or GIF. The hero image size limit is 2 MB, the desktop logo size limit is 500 KB, and the mobile logo size limit is 250 KB.

  • 3:1 aspect ratio for the hero image and desktop logo
  • 1:1 ratio for the mobile logo.
  • Hero images will not be displayed on smaller screens.
  • Due to compatibility issues, the desktop logo with the SVG file type is not shown in email communications.
Bare Bone Business Builder Image Explainer 1

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